Nell Ruby
September, 2014


Visual Thinking


Art 160 Syllabus

Art 160 Class Process Log

Three Dimensional Thinking

ART 243 Syllabus

Art 243 Class Process Log

Art 243 Project blog with Department of Sustainibility

Digital Processes

Art 244 Syllabus

Art 244 Class Process Log

Advanced Studio

Art 421 Syllabus


Fluid Media (Painting)

Art 241 Syllabus

Art 241 Class Process Log



Digital Thinking
(ONLINE summer)

(with Calvin Burgamy)

Art 160 ONLINE Syllabus

Online class community (G+)

Framing Differently: Comparitive women's studies and visual thinking in New Zealand

(with Elizabeth Hackett)

Global Awareness Syllabus

Class Travel Blog

Complex Mammal
(spring 2014: Mellon Cohort 2)

(with Bridget Roosa)

Art 243 with Dance Syllabus


Word and Image, Methods in Art andArt History

(with Anne Beidler, Donna Sadler and Katherine Smith)

Art 260 Syllabus

Art 260 course process blog

Thinking Through Art and Art History

(with Anne Beidler, Donna Sadler and Katherine Smith)

Art 360 Syllabus


FYS 190H: Buildings and Bodies

(with Katherine Smith)

FYS 190H Fa10 Syllabus


Making Space, Talking Back

(with Katherine Smith)



Observing and Designing the Social Use of Space

(with Rosemary Levy Zumwalt)

Art/Ant 250 Syllabus